Global Assets Consulting Services, LLC    

                       "Providing Marketing and Funding Solutions for Real Estate,

                        Mineral Assets and Development Projects Worlwide"         

               Global Assets Consulting Services, LLC is a company dedicated to the research and marketing of information in regards to all sort of off-market, wholesale, performing and non performing  assets. Also, we provide solutions to the investment community through the research, marketing and finance consulting of global assets.

We are the perfect link that will make possible the execution of high development projects at the domestic and international levels. Development, commercial, luxury residential, luxury hotels, humanitarian, humanitarian for profit, green, large infrastructure, airports, roads highways, farming, manufacturing, mineral and natural resource projects are all considered by a selective group of investors within our network.

We act as the catalyst to the project financing by providing our clients with direct access to a le team professionals. The team is comprised of experienced, seasoned professionals within the engineering, banking, project and business development, business strategy, legal, real estate, architecture, marketing and other disciplines. These will perform a preliminary analysis and will make recommendations as to the project funding viability. This will all be contingent upon the nature of the project.

Once the project is found to be suitable for financing through the teams' direct private and confidential funding sources, our client will be presented with alternative funding options. Also, client will be assisted and walked through all phases of the project funding untill the successful completion of a funding transaction takes place.  

  Also, through our direct relationship with multiple  inventory sources and institution asset managers, we assist investors and their mandates/agents/representatives. We put them in direct contact with these entities that will supply the inventory/data that better matches their investment criteria. These entities may be private or institutional, individuals, banks, hedge funds, joint ventures and investment funds.The assets may be hotels, development projects, off market commercial and residential buildings, mineral resource and mining, etc.

Please contact Global Assets Consulting Services, LLC for a preliminary review and analysis of your project. E-Mail: and

A Confidential Agreement will be exchanged prior to the submission of project information which will be handled confidentially. 

 Global Assets Consulting Services, LLC associates and affiliates hold real estate licenses in the following states: NJ, NY, Puerto Rico as a Commonwealth, WV.Global Assets Consulting Services, LLC does not offer investment advice. In some instances it is an investor itself. It is the sole responsibility of the investor to conduct all asset research and required due diligence work conducing to an informed decision.. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your business requirements